There are three types of RMAs

Standard Repair (can be an in or out of warranty item)

  • In warranty item, can be repaired at no cost

  • Out of warranty items will be chargeable, estimates can be provided to you before the repair upon request

Credit / Return

  • This is for something that was purchased, but was determined as not needed – must be an in warranty item

Advanced Replacement

  • Items in warranty that are defective, a replacement will be sent to you and you will return the original item

All of these RMAs start by completing the RMA Form.

The fields on the left are where you can tell the team what you would like to happen with the RMA (Repair / Credit / Replacement / Warranty / Billable / Estimate).

Complete all the information that you can on the form.

If this is a replacement, the PO# that the item was originally purchased on is required.

If you don’t have the part number, you can give us a description and we will provide the part number.

Please also ensure there are details in the bottom about the issue – if you have worked with the Technical/Customer Support team, please provide any JIRA ticket numbers.

 Once completed, you can send to the email at the bottom of the form, or you can submit it on the Channel Support Helpdesk.


The Channel Support team will process it from there.


Product Specific Notes

  • Pyramid printers used in Aria and Amano ONE equipment should be directly sent to the manufacturer. Before sending in the printer, please send an email to support@pyramidacceptors.com.
    They will provide details on the shipping and replacement process.