Aria Release Notes

Updated 9/2022 Release 2.0.150

New Features and Bug Fixes

Release Number

Release Date


Release Number

Release Date




Hilton OnQ + T-Park post charge at time of arrival



STSQScanner - Add test field



STSGarageScanner Penn Gaming Player Card Issue



Create a camera icon to scan a PLAYER CARD through OCR on arrival and request



Low Paper Alert Email Fix



SMS + Alert Fixes



Convenience fee by percentage of total fee



Alaska Park - Upload points to database when using the app



Allow SMS to work with prefix



Aria - Hilton OnQ room key parsing



Wait time via SMS



Vehicle images to populate in CVPS main application



Add request time to Smarking calls



Add the User/Cashier Name and ticket number to the Players Card Report



Optimizing API - options and improvements



Allow Terms and Conditions to be configured per site



Various Bug Fixes



STSQscanner and STSlane: work with amazon AWS when uploading images



Have the FPP# being saved on arrival or request to the driver when using it



STSKiosk - Allow self-parking tickets to be paid for without requesting the ticket



Aria - Prevent scans from being read while processing the LPR read



Aria - Increase size and allow blinking of lost ticket button



Aria - Add a setting and code to save a cash transaction when a contract parker exits



Aria - Show Player as Gate Vend Type for player card transactions



Aria - Modify 1200 gate code to handle STX messages



Valet Hotel Revenue Report



Aria - Prevent valet tickets from being requested multiple times



Aria - Add parsing for Amano ONE readers



Various bug fixes



CVPSCredit - Adjust Elavon server certificate verification



STSHotelInterface - Change folio posting transaction code for Lodging Link



STSHotelInterface - Send NULL character to Marriott if check character calculation equals 0



Aria - Adjust Windcave FTDI



Aria - Add tip choice screen



Various bug fixes



STSHotelInterface - OnQ room key update



ACSC - Certificate setting



Envoy Player Cards - Add overnight tier check



Split VIN String



Chinese Translation Labels



STSKiosk - Fix PIN screen buttons



Various bug fixes



OnQ House Account Posting



Add FGL printer code



Chinese Translation Labels



Reprint receipts for comp transactions with main app so that they show up properly in on the receipt



Create alert for repark when repark alert is sent from CVPS



Various bug fixes



Story: STSGarageScanner - Create setting for relay trigger length



Story: Windows Service - Add code to parse ParkWhiz reservations by facility



Story: CheckARITimes Include Database Name



Story: Update LocationID to mobile payment transaction table for datamining process



Story: STSGarageScanner - Adjust Casino Queen player card parsing.



Story: Windows Service - Fix reservation type looking in fee calculation.



Story: Create Lancaster Buffalo Monthly Parkers



Story: Datamining - Mobile Payments Issue



Story: Fix bad data for Drivers and Employees tables and CVPS central



Story: VIN truncate to 17 characters



Story: CountryCode Fix when is null



Story: Make tuning for CvpsCustomer and ParkingReservation



Story: Fix hyatthousefrisco TPark Session Issue



Story: Create job to move ticket request to archive table at STSDirectory



Story: Datamining Issue at Saving Drivers and Employees



Bug: Error when trying to access tpark report from main app



Story: TPARK improve in script to grab transactions from servers



Story: Create job to move request hash to archive table at STSDirectory



Story: Winstar - Envoy Player Card system



Story: Greektown - Look up player card file in main app.



Story: Metro Health Gate vend report call to api to include certain fields



Story: Change valetplease screens for tpark



Story: How to make api customer site better. Give it a better UI.



Story: Create a way for the valet app to upload a file. Email that file to a specific group and then delete the file.



Story: Be able to mail in logs without setting up an email



Story: All Request Property Apps updates



Story: Updating Keyboard layout to latest



Story: STSGarageScanner - Add Greektown text file handling



Story: Cashier Summary - Show Employee Number by Setting



Story: Create 2 new filters for the parking space history report ---- Parking Area, Ticket Number



Story: STSHotelInterface - Use Sales Outlet with Lodging Link



Story: Send phone number on request when adding on pay request so that alert is sent



Story: Fix multiple images on a single picture when short lane for HTTP



Story: Make country code auto based off the virtual number settings. Basically default the country code on phone number.



Story: Create a forgot password on login screen of main app and ISL (ipod) that sends reset password by email.



Story: Have alert be sent on Repark to api.



Story: Require VIP number when making a contract parker.



Story: Be able to look at the FTDI cable setting on JR setting so that the card reader can be read to scan.



Story: Prevent contract parker LPR read from getting assigned to transient ticket.



Story: Site Specific - Aria Cash POF to take point redemption from ilani and all Mohegan Sun properties.



Story: Add ACSC player card code.



Story: Site Specific - Aria - Add Konami Synkros player card code.



Story: Be able to post tips through LMS interface.



Story: Site Specific - ISL to allow player cards for Konami Player Card interface



Story: Aristocrat - Points (and Comps choice for Aristocrat) in Aria and iServiceLayer



Story: Create visual cues in valet app when app is disconnected.



Bug: Various Bug Fixes



Story: STSQScanner - Add ability to print QR code on ticket Story: TPARK - Be able to do a secondary guest type but also a individual QR code based on a device at the same time.



Story: CallCenter - update rate change command so it updates device-specific rateID instead of system wide one



Bug: STSQScanner - Set Retrieval properly if ticket is not retrieved by delivery employee



Story: Created Aria pay on Entry



Story: use Sales outlet setting for LMS Store



Bug: Aria - Prevent room keys from exiting without good room status



Bug: CVPS - Prevent extra posting when Enter key is held down (possible loop) and add logging



Story: Aria - Add Valet Retrieval Kiosk functionality



Various Small Bug fixes



Story:Valet App Add 3 more colors to color screen Purple, TAN and Silver



Bug: Valet App - Require payment when requesting a car and not checking out setting



Story:Hotel Interface - Add setting for valid group codes for room keys (Galaxy)



Various Bug Fixes



Story:Aria - Add tipping code



Story:House Advantage player card system integration



Story:Add IGT player card code to Aria



Story: Aria - Add MGM Sister Property Code



Bug: Aria - Handle serial reads on inactive screens



Story:Add MARRIOTT2 room key type to parse ASCII hex room keys.



Story:Make it so that when SMS goes to payment screen that is sends the phone number into valetplease payment screen.



Story:Aria - Add Proximity Card Format to Aria Defaults



Bug:Aria - Fix call to Smarking



Story:STSQScanner - Allow reservations to open gate if TicketScanOpensGateImmediately is True



Story:Windows service changes for the ratings tables for the townepark Data sync



Story:Change logic to IsTicketlessRequest in CashierReport



Story:Make it so that Aria interface's with CVPS so that a valet ticket can go through a Aria Kiosk



Story:Integration with Magnetic Gate



Bug:Aria - Fix a bug when the name fields on a driver are NULL



Story:Aria - Serial port communication issues



Story:Aria - Add code to pull player list from URL



Story:STSLane - Save camera images to local folder before uploading to final location



Story:TextToTicket - When trying to extend the stay user needs to get the right payment screen



Story:Add ACSC player card code to Arrival



Bug:T-Park - Return Date/Time adjustments



Story:Remove ticket number in hotel tickets after search. 



Story:If contract parker report passback is false just remove the wording all together.



Story:put the is passback enabled field on the contract parker table in the contract parker report



Story:be able to update frequent parker numbers from the FPP admin site.



Story:Aria - Add Text File player card processing



Story: Aria - Add setting to prevent transient LPR reads on exit



Story: Add @VIPNumber parameter to spMonthlyActivityWithExceptions report



Story: DB maintenance Week of January 18th



Story: Create vehicle to import info to Medstar Square Medical Center



Story: FPP Report Issue



Story: Aria - Show ticket button immediately after a duplicate scan is ignored



Story: Aria - Prevent LPR read from being attached to a transient ticket when that plate is currently parked



Story: create is passback controlled individual setting on cvps solutions site.



Bug: Use default rate if rate is missing on scrub



Story: Update Frequent parker numbers to Park N Zoom



Story: DB maintenance Week of January 4th



Story: Set Garage Exit when ticket pays at main program that has gate attached



Story: Emory CashierReport Issue with TPARK



Bug: Create Front generator tasks with or without uploading images



Bug: Fix methodist out of memory issue.



Story: Api for manual assign employee in pending front for ios device



Story: Aria - Prevent LPR read from being attached to a transient ticket when that plate is currently parked



Various bug fixes