Week 8: LPR with Brett Klavon


During week 8 of Amano Training, Brett Klavon provides information on the LPR system.  He goes over the Genetec camera models, server applications, required Genetec training, site surveys, and how LPR works with the Amano McGann's LPR system.  A great training session that provides a good overview on what's necessary to implement LPR in a garage.  

Training Materials

Description:  Below you will find the Power Point slides, and a recorded training session done by Brett Klavon from our Professional Services team.

Note:  Due to the duration of the .mp4 video, you will have to download the file and unzip the .mp4.  Windows Media Player or an .mp4 player, such as VLC, can be used to watch the media file.  

Click here to download the media

Brett's Requirements to Verify Checklist Comments
Copy of the Genetec Site SurveySite Survey must be completed for proper placement of cameras
Remote Access to the Genetec ServerLogmein or other type of remote access softare
Copy of the McGann32.dll & verify LPR is turned on<UseLPR>1</UseLPR> & <TransientLPNCentralPayAutoExit>1</TransientLPNCentralPayAutoExit>
Copy of the Genetec license fileLicense file is needed to activate the Genetec Server
Verify Genetec Security Center install or verify you have the install filesRequired versions:  Security Center 5.5 SR 5
Verify Genetec Amano SDK installed or verify you have the install filesVerify its installed on the App server version 5.3
Verify Amano LPR is installed or verify you have the install filesVerify LPR install.msi is installed or available
List of Genetec IP address and passwordsServer and cameras
How do you plan to trigger the LPR cameraTrigger loops, virtual loops, or continues mode

(info) Note:  Professional Services will not schedule an LPR site installation until all items above are completed.

How-to:  Setup AMI Server, Genetec Server, & Genetec Cameras to point to an Internet NTP Server

Step 1:  Setup the iParc server and Genetec server to sync time to "Time.Windows.com" or another NTP server

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Search for Date and Time
  3. Click on Set the time and date
  4. Click on the Internet Time tab
  5. Click on Change settings...

Step 2:  Setup the Genetec server as the NTP server by following the directions on this web page:  https://www.interfacett.com/blogs/creating-standalone-ntp-server-windows/

Step3:  Setup the LPR cameras to sync to the Genetec NTP server

  1. Log into the camera
  2. Go to Configuration
  3. Date/Time
    1. Change to NTP
    2. Put in IP address of the Genetec server and press test connection and verify it is good.

(info) If your servers are being controlled by a domain, the above options will not be available, the servers will sync time with the domain controller.

(info) Once the above is completed, all iParc & Genetec servers will be synced to an Internet NTP server and all cameras will be synced to the Genetec NTP server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Is a site survey necessary before camera installation?  Who does the site survey?

A:  Amano McGann requires a site survey be done by a Genetec field engineer for measurements and camera placement.

Q:  Is time sync important?  Why?

A:  You must make sure the Genetec server, iParc server, and SQL server are time synced or at a maximum 10 seconds within each other in order for the LPR system to function correctly. 

Q:  Does the Genetec server have its own SQL database?

A:  Yes.  When ordered from Genetec, they pre-install SQL Express which has a 10GB limit.  Please note this is separate from the McGann SQL database.  It is recommended that FULL SQL is used for the Genetec servers database.